Wish Word

“Big Success is usually formed by great number of small achievements ”

“Success is a condition, not fate. Poor is also a condition, not a fate ”

“On average, It takes 3-5 fouls for a sport player to leave the game. But what happen with people in real life?
mostly quit the game themself on their first foul and without any protest or objection ”

“There are some losses that are actually a big gifts ”

“One should know When taking action is just not enough to reach

“Action May Not Always bring Success, But There Is No Success Without Action”

“The Face Of Success Is Like The Top Of A Mountain, It Could Only Be Seen Only If It Is Tall/ High Enough”

“Lot Of People Want Extraordinary results, But They Never Willing To Do Something Extraordinary”

“The Hardest Part Of a Rocket To Reach Orbit Is To Get Through The Earth’s Gravity”

“By Learning To Obey, Some Knows How To Command”

“Don’t Ask What The Community Can Give You, But Ask Yourself What You Can Contribute To The Community..And The Money Will Follow By Itself”

“Imagination Is More Important Than Knowledge, Since Knowledge Is Merely Limited..While Imagination Embrance The Entire World”

” A Diamond Is Coal That Formed With Extra Long And High Pressure, A Diamond With A Flaw Is Worth More Than A Pebble Without Imperfections”

“If You’re Sure That You Are On The Right Path..Don’t Worry About How Much Time It Will take To Reach success And What People Say About It”

“Many False Steps Were Made By Standing Still”

“If A Target Is Too Hard To Be Written, So It Might Be Imposibble To Achive”

“Education’s Purpose Is To Replace Empty Mind With An Ope One”

“God feeds each and every bird in the world but not by pouring it to its nest ”

“Procrastination… mankind’s worst habbit ever found”

” In chinese, the word ‘Crisis’ also contains
word ‘Opportunity in it”


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